Business Segments

Recycling and Environmental Service

As awareness of the need for environmental protection on a global scale increases, effective utilization of resources is required for sustainable economic development. The Group plays a pioneering role in developing approaches to recycling, leveraging its technological prowess acquired in the operation of mines and smelting/refining facilities over the years. The Group’s Recycling and Environmental Services business has two pillars: the recycling business, in which copper, precious metals and other valuable metals are recovered from recycled materials, and the environmental business, in which we detoxify industrial waste materials and recover valuable metals from them. With a nationwide network, conducted by JX Nippon Mining & Metals and environmental and recycling affiliates, we are helping to protect the global environment and give impetus to resource recycling.

Nationwide metal recycling and environmental service network

Centering on the Metals Recycling & Eco Business Division, the Group has built a nationwide network with the affiliates of the Recycling and Environmental Services businesses, and is actively working to expand operations.

Network of the recycling and environmental services business

Hokkaido & Tohoku Regions

Tomakomai Chemical Co., Ltd.

Tomakomai Chemical Co., Ltd., Hokkaido
A 50m-long kiln and other facilities of Tomakomai Chemical Co., Ltd. incinerate and detoxify a broad range of industrial waste, including waste subject to special control. It also undertakes resource recycling by pre-treating scrap containing copper and precious metals to produce raw materials for smelting.
Kanto Region

Nikko Environmental Services Co., Ltd.

Nikko Environmental Services Co., Ltd., Ibaraki Prefecture
Nikko Environmental Services Co., Ltd conducts a process that totally incinerates and detoxifies waste oil, waste fluids, sludge, and other industrial wastes via a rotary incinerator. Its recycling furnace simultaneously detoxifies and recycles resources. The combination of these two facilities has created a zero-emission industrial waste processing system.
Chubu Region

Nikko Mikkaichi Recycle Co., Ltd.

Nikko Mikkaichi Recycle Co., Ltd., Toyama Prefecture
Nikko Mikkaichi Recycle Co., Ltd. utilizes a gasification melting furnace to incinerate fuse shredder dust, waste fluids and other industrial wastes, subjecting them to detoxification processing.
Kansai Region

Nikko Tsuruga Recycle Co., Ltd.

Nikko Tsuruga Recycle Co., Ltd., Fukui Prefecture
The fluidized bed roaster of Nikko Tsuruga Recycle Co., Ltd. incinerates and detoxifies industrial wastes such as waste liquid and sludge, and neutralizes liquid industrial wastes. Its stationary furnace pre-treats scrap containing copper and precious metals to produce raw materials for smelting. It also recycles scrapped electronic equipment.