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Copper Foil

Copper foils are incorporated in the printed circuit boards of computers, mobile phones and many other electronic devices. JX Nippon Mining & Metals produces two categories; electro-deposited copper foil and treated rolled copper foil, which have won leading market shares in the world.

We are also actively leveraging our expertise in copper foil manufacturing to develop substrate materials required by the latest mounting technology. Higher intensity and high-integration LSI and other electronic components are being required to meet the need for increasingly light, thin and small electronic devices. In particular, as a result of the growing demand for ever-finer circuits and ever-higher circuit density in the printed circuit board (PCB) field, copper foil specifications are becoming more diversified and specialized.

In these market conditions, we are utilizing production centers in major markets worldwide, such as Europe and East Asia, to provide copper foil products with specifications finely tuned to the particular needs of each user, as well as prompt technical support services in each market. In addition, the Company is investing in the expansion of its R&D division to enable the supply of copper foil perfectly suited to cutting-edge PCB production processes. We have created a product assurance system that incorporates our development technologies in each production center for reliable supply of copper foil at the world’s fastest speed.

Electro-deposited copper foil

JX Nippon Mining & Metals supplies high-quality electro-deposited copper foil to meet customers’ demands. To meet the needs of customers seeking increased circuit density and circuit fineness on PCBs, the Company mass-produces copper foils with superior etching properties. We have a variety of electro-deposited copper foil products, with thicknesses from super-thin (5 microns) to super-thick (400 microns). In these fields, we have built a world-leading market share.

Treated rolled copper foil

Our treated rolled copper foil brings superior characteristics such as high flexibility, thermal resistance, chemical resistance, thermal annealing characteristics, and fine etching properties. It is used in flexible printed circuit boards employed in the hinge connection parts of clamshell type (folding) mobile phones.

We are the only supplier with an integrated manufacturing process, within the same Group, from smelting and refining copper through production of copper ingots to the rolling of ingots into foil and the surface-treatment of foil. We have outstanding production and quality management systems that give us the top market shares in the world. At the same time, utilizing our integrated manufacturing system, we are developing and supplying the broadest range of treated rolled copper foil products to satisfy customer needs.

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