Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Six Material Issues

For Sustainability Report 2016, we followed the GRI G4 Guidelines (G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative) to select six CSR issues that we consider particularly material to the business activities of the JX Nippon Mining & Metals Group as material issues on which to report.*1 During the selection process, we investigated and identified the G4 Aspects and their Boundaries that relate to the Group's material issues.

Our Six Material Issues

Each PDF file below is quoted from Sustainability Report 2016.

Our Six Material Issues Insisting on Full Compliance Protecting the Environment Using Resources Effectively Development and Utilizing Human Resources Ensuring Occupational Health and Safety

  • *1For details on the Group's approach and initiatives with regard to each issue, refer to the relevant pages indicated above.
  • *2We regard this issue as conditional to the other five material issues, and as a challenge that the Group must constantly seek to address for as long as it is operating its business. This issue is not therefore treated as a separate issue for reporting purposes within this sustainability report.