Business Segments

Business Segments

The JX Nippon Mining & Metals Group engages in a wide range of operations, centering around copper, and covering upstream (resources development), midstream (smelting and refining),and downstream (electronic materials, and recycling and environmental services) activities.

Resources Development Resources Development Smelting and Refining Smelting and Refining Electronic Materials Electronic Materials Recycling and Environmental Services Recycling and Environmental Services Technology Development Technology Development

Resources Development

We have stable access to high-quality copper ore form excellent mines in which we have interests.

Smelting and Refining

Our advanced technologies and world-class production capacity enable us to provide stable supplies of high-quality refined copper from our refineries.

Electronic Materials

Our products that make use of know-how in the field of nonferrous metals have earned high praise both at home and abroad.

Recycling and Environmental Services

We are working on recovering valuable metals from recycled materials and detoxifying industrial waste.

Technology Development

We are supporting the realization of a sustinable society by using limited resources more effictively.