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Providing advanced-function materials for the enrichment of society

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The electronic materials business develops and manufactures advanced-function metallic materials, used in numerous products that are part of daily life, from smartphones and tablets to personal computers, automotive vehicles, and medical devices. By supplying these materials, we are supporting progress in leading-edge devices, and will also be actively contributing to the advancement of the emerging IoT (Internet of Things) society.

Drawing on our long experience in high-level metal fabrication technologies, this business is responsible for manufacturing copper foils, precision rolled products, precision fabricated products, sputtering targets, compound semiconductors, cathode materials for automotive lithium-ion batteries, and many more products. We also provide under bump metallurgy (UBM) plating service. Among this extensive array of products are many with the world’s top market share.
Global operating sites in Asia, North America, and Europe enable flexible and timely response to the needs of our customers.

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Contribution to the IoT (Internet of Things) society

We are contributing to the advancement of the IoT society by supplying various electronic materials.

Contribution to the IoT (Internet of Things) society

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