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Electronic MaterialsContribution to the IoT (Internet of Things) society

We are contributing to the advancement of the IoT society by supplying various electronic materials.

Our electronic materials business products and the coming of the IoT society

The IoT Society

The vision of the IoT (Internet of Things) is about a future when not just information devices like smartphones and PCs but all kinds of things (automobiles, clothing, accessories, roads, home appliances, etc.) are connected to the Internet. The term "IoT" points to the provision of new, highly innovative services like nothing seen before.
Connecting all kinds of things by networks will further broaden the scenarios where sensors, displays and other kinds of electronic devices are used. To meet these changing times, we are also expanding the application fields of our electronic materials business lineup.

Relation of our products to the coming of the IoT

Changing technology with emergence of the IoT

Information technology application to industrial machinery, home appliances, automobiles, etc. Growth in information volume Advance of mobile technology Interface diversification

Impact on our products

Wider application of IT Expanded demand for data centers, servers, and optical communications Shrinking device sizes mean smaller, more advanced substrates and interconnects More compact, high-resolution LCD displays with more diverse shapes