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Development of Technologies for Recycling and Environmental Services

Promoting effective use of resources is essential for raising awareness of environmental protection on a global scale, such as prevention of global warming, resource conservation, and realization of a zero emissions society, as well as for achieving sustainable growth of society. In the Hitachi area, we have built our own original integrated smelting and refining process facility achieving Zero Emission, using physical separation techniques that draw on mining technologies built up over the years, utilizing pyro- and hydro-metallurgical refining processes, and developing treatment process technologies for metal scrap and industrial waste. The new facility and technologies have made possible efficient treatment of recycled materials generated mainly in the greater Tokyo area, and recovery of precious metals including rare metals and platinum group metals. Moreover, by recovering intermediate products in the smelting and refining processes, we are reducing the burden of these processes and contributing to more stable operation. We are also engaged in separation and recovery of nickel, cobalt, manganese, and lithium from discarded batteries, making use of solvent extraction and other originally developed hydro-metallurgical refining processes. The recovered metals are provided to our Electronic Material Business Section and to other JXTG Group companies, promoting resource recycling.

Rare metals recovered from discarded batteries  From left: manganese carbonate, nickel carbonate, lithium carbonate, metallic cobalt, manganese metal