News Release


January 4, 2018

JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

Regarding Organizational Restructuring

JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation (President: Shigeru Oi) implemented organizational restructuring on January 1, 2018 for the purpose of strengthening the quality control structure of the entire JX Nippon Mining & Metals Group.

1. Purpose of Organizational Restructuring

JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation has long taken all possible measures for quality control starting with legal compliance, and based on internal rules and international standards constructed and operated a quality management system and implemented quality control education. However, to respond accurately to the quality demands of customers, which are becoming increasingly sophisticated, diverse, and strict in recent years, in all the diverse products of the Group which means JX Nippon Mining & Metals Group, efforts are now being made to establish and strengthen a comprehensive and highly effective quality control system throughout the entire Group.

2. Outline

  1. (1) Establishment of a Quality Control Department
    The Quality Control Department has been newly established in the Technology Group. The quality control works previously conducted by the Planning & Administration Department of the Technology Group have been transferred to the Quality Control Department, which now executes quality control works pertaining to the entire Group.
    Specifically, the Quality Control Department executes works concerning planning, design and promotion to reinforce the quality control of the Company and the Group, and their coordination (coordination of PL risk analyses and risk prevention activities, quality control education, quality audits, application of international standards [ISO, etc.], etc.).
  2. (2) Establishment of a Quality Control Committee
    The Risk Management Council is established as an advisory body to the President to identify major risks and deliberate response methods, while comprehensively grasping risk for the entire Group. The Quality Control Committee (Committee Chair: Sadao Ohtaka, Director, Deputy Chief Executive Officer) has been newly established as a subsidiary body to this Risk Management Council. It drafts activity plans and reviews activities pertaining to strengthening quality control in the Group.