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Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Activities

We adhere strongly to our corporate social responsibility. We are guided by our principle to be of assistance to people in need, the protection of the environment, and building opportunities for skills development internally and to various trainees.

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

We partake in various CSR projects through volunteerism:

  1. Social Contribution Projects such as "Brigada Eskwela" wherein our scrap wooden boxes converted to bookshelves or wall panels are turned over to selected public schools; "Orphanage Visit" & "Home for the Aged"; quarterly Blood Donation through Philippine National Red Cross;
  2. Environment projects such as Mangrove Tree Planting; Riverbank Clean-up; Mount Makiling Mud Spring Ecotrail Restoration; Zero Soot Emission of Power Generator; Increase Heat Recovery from Co-Generation System and the reduction of power consumption; recycling of process water & other materials;
  3. Skills Development by providing facilities and the opportunities for Provincial and Vocational Students to render On-the Job Trainings; and utilization of FOUNDATION facilities for the company's Team Building activities.

CSR Activities Topics