High Conductivity Copper Alloy NKE012(UNS Alloy No. C14415)

NKE012(UNS Alloy No. C14415) Designed for Springs with High Mechanical Strength and High Electrical Conductivity



NKE012 is a copper alloy that uses a very small amount of tin additive and is processed by means of our advanced rolling and heat treatment technology, resulting in high electrical conductivity along with improved mechanical strength, heat resistance, and stress relaxation properties. With conductivity of 90 percent IACS, nearly the same as pure copper, it is well suited for applications needing high conductivity and heat dissipation. This is the ideal copper alloy for parts ranging from busbars to battery terminals and connectors in a wide variety of electronic devices.


  1. High electrical and thermal conductivity, cloese to pure copper (90%IACS)
  2. High mechanical strength, high heat resistance and good stress relaxation property comparing to pure copper
    (Temper EH: Stress relaxation rate is less than30%, @150℃, 500hr)
  3. Good bend formability (possible to be bent at 180 degree, U-shaped bending)

*All data are typical values.

Table 1. Chemical composition of NKE012(%)

  Cu Sn
Typical Bal. 0.12

Table 2. Pysical properties of NKE012(typical values)

Electric conductivity 90 %IACS(@20℃)
Specific resistance 19 nΩ・m(@20℃)
Thermal conductivity 350 W/mK
Thermal expansion coefficient 17.7 ×10-6/K(20 to 300℃)
Young's modulus 128 GPa
Specific gravity 8.92 g/cm3

Table 3. Mechanical properties of NKE012(upper: typical values, lower: standard specs)

Temper Tensile Strength
0.2% offset Yield Strength
Vickers Hardness
H 430
( - )
min. 1.0
EH 500
( - )
( - )