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Under DevelopmentMicroEncapsulated Phase Change Material (MEPCM)

This technology microencapsulates phase change alloys in an alumina shell.
It is under joint development with Hokkaido University.

Application Examples

Recovery and reuse of highly efficient thermal energy from exhaust heat, etc.
Heat storage tank for solar thermal plant / wind-powered thermal-energy systems
Reuse thermal energy for industrial plant


  • High heat-storage density by using phase-change material (PCM)
  • High-temperature thermal storage: above 500℃
  • Easy to handle by encapsulation of Al2O3: can be treated as solid material even when core is in liquid state
  • High thermal conductivity
MEPCM structure
SEM image
Mechanism of PCM

Implementation ideas: Making composites with other materials

Property of MEPCM with Al-Si Core*

PCM Core Al-Si
Melting point 577[℃]
Latent heat 180[J/g]
Density 2.71[g/cm3]
  • typical values, not specified yet
Under joint development with Hokkaido University
Name of invention
Latent heat storage body, method of manufacturing the latent heat storage body, and heat exchange material
Application Number:
Japanese Patent No. 6526630 WO2015/162929A1
(Owner: Hokkaido University)
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