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Under DevelopmentHigh Temperature Sintering Sub-micron Copper Powder

Applying our proprietary surface treatment technologies, we are developing sub-micron copper powder with sintering delay function, for use in interconnect and electrode formation in high-temperature environments. Applications include internal and external electrodes for multi-layer ceramic capacitors and low-temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) substrates, realizing internal and external electrodes with low resistivity and smooth surface.

The features of high temperature sintering sub-micron copper powder are as follows.

  • Despite the sub-micron size, sintering temperature can be controlled up to 850℃, enabling simultaneous firing with the green sheet.
  • Oxidation in the atmosphere is prevented.
  • Low resistivity with the smooth surface can be achieved.
  • Several kinds of atmosphere including formic acid, hydrogen or water vapor can be used as the sintering atmosphere.
  • It has good adhesion to ceramics even without glass frit for paste additives.

Particle Size and SEM Image

Sintering Properties

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