Sputtering Targets

Sputtering Targets for Magnetic Devices

Our targets for magnetic devices are used mainly as sputtering targets for the magnetic recording media of hard disks. Today, hard disk drives are used in increasingly diverse applications, including data centers and for online storage, resulting in ever widening demand. To deal with the rapid rise in density of hard disk media, development is progressing on next-generation recording technology to replace the current perpendicular magnetic recording system. We are meeting the ever-evolving technological requirements by constantly supplying sputtering targets of the highest quality, gaining the confidence of customers as the leading supplier in the industry.

Product Category Thin film materials
Main Products Co-Cr-Pt-Oxide Target, Fe-Pt Target, Mn Alloy Target, Fe Alloy Target
Primary Applications Hard disk media, hard disk heads, MRAM


Sputtering equipment (Canon ANELVA C-3010)

Our targets are manufactured under the strictest quality control, making use of various production technologies developed over many years. We have also introduced in-house sputtering evaluation systems, which help to improve target performance and to provide customers with prompt development support.

Technology and Properties

Our sputtering targets for magnetic devices are highly acclaimed by customers for their high purity and uniform crystal structure, as well as for the well-controlled magnetic properties required of targets of this type. Sputtering targets for hard disk heads are used as the main materials in GMR heads and TMR heads, both of which are key devices for raising magnetic recording density. Applying our advanced knowledge and wealth of experience in the field of metallurgy, we bring to the market a lineup of distinctive products. These sputtering targets are now starting to be used for manufacturing MRAM, the next-generation nonvolatile semiconductor memory.


Lineup of Other Products

For storage media

Recording layer Co-Cr-Pt-Oxide1(-Oxide2)(-Oxide3)(-Oxide4)
X1 and X2 are metals
Intermediate layer Ni-W(-X), Co-Cr(-X), Co-Cr-Oxide 1(-Oxide 2), etc.
X is a metal
Under layer Co-Fe(-X1)(-X2), Co-Fe-B(-X)
X1 and X2 are metals.

For magnetic heads and for MRAM applications

Mn alloy Mn-Pt, Mn-Ir, Mn-Ir-Cr, etc. (Low oxygen content achieved by our proprietary technology)
Ni alloy Ni-Fe, Ni-Cr, Ni-Fe-Cr, Ni-Fe-X
Co alloy Co-Fe, Co-Fe-B, Co-Fe-X, Co-Cr-Pt, Co-Nb-Zr
Other Fe-Pt, Au-X, Heusler Alloys, MgO, Ru

Comparison of Properties with Other Products

Our manufacturing technologies and evaluation technologies

Melting, casting
Powder raw material manufacturing
Milling, mixing
Powder metallurgy
Machining, surface finishing
Precious metal refining
Physical properties evaluation (XRD, EPMA, etc.)
Sputtering evaluation
Customers' needs

Metallurgical structure control
Magnetic permeability control
High density
Higher PTF, stable electric discharge
Low oxygen impurities
Stabilization of oxygen amount (products containing oxides)
Process strain reduction
Fast evaluation of properties, development of next-generation technologies
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