Sputtering Targets for Optical Films

ZnS-DC Series


A target with ZnS as base material, supporting DC sputtering. It can be used as an alternative material to ZnS-SiO2 and other such targets in general use as a protective film for optical discs.

ZnS-DC Series product lineup

ZnS-DC3 ZnS-DC8 ZnS-SiO2 (for reference)
Composition ZnS:90mol% ZnS:70mol% ZnS:80mol%
Relative density ≧90% ≧90% ≧90%
Bulk resistivity 20mΩcm
(DC sputtering supported)
(DC sputtering supported)
(RF sputtering only)
Target appearance

ZnS-DC Series optical properties

Target Deposition Rate (Å/sec) λ=405nm λ=633nm
n k n k
ZnS-20mol%SiO2 (for reference) 2.1 2.28 0.001 2.22 0.0000
ZnS-DC3 3.8 2.58 0.110 2.26 0.0000
ZnS-DC8 3.1 2.22 0.010 2.07 0.0000

Sputtering Condition

Machine ANELVA SPL-500
Target Size 6inchφ×5mmt
T-S Distance 115mm
Temperature RT
Thickness 7000Å
Substrate Glass (Eagle2000)
Gas Ar+2%O2, 0.5Pa, 50sccm
Power Density 2.74W/cm2 (DC,RF)
S-Rotation 25rpm
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