METAL FOR INNOVATION Initiatives for Co-creation

Sustainability Evolution

Pursuing Greater Potential of Nonferrous Metals

JX Nippon Mining & Metals is a nonferrous metals manufacturer, with business areas covering the full range from upstream resources development to smelting and refining, advanced materials and functional materials, and recycling and environmental services. To tap even more of the potential in these nonferrous metals that will support the society of the future, we are aiming to become a technology-based corporate group. Not only will we engage actively in our own technology development, but we will also engage in co-creation with various partners outside the Group.

Two Topics

Continuing to Provide Existing Value —Effective use of resources and materials—

We are helping to bring about a sustainable society in order to make effective use of the nonferrous metal resources and materials required by that society, which we can provide. Rather than being content with the present situation, we are working to raise production efficiency further and promoting recycling.

【Areas of Focus】
Raising production efficiency, promoting recycling, reducing energy use, lowering environmental impact

Creating Value Not Yet in Existence —Creation of high added value products—

We are pursuing greater potential in various areas of nonferrous metals. By accelerating efforts to create advanced materials with new value for the future needs of society, we will contribute to the advancement of that society.

【Areas of Focus】
Renewable energy and electrical storage, communication and digital technology, healthcare, mobility

Examples of Specific Initiatives

Targeting co-creation with partner corporations

Accelerator Program

Giving priority to nonferrous metal-related innovation, we are targeting new business creation by seeking startup ventures with ideas for new businesses in a wide array of nonferrous metal domains. Such domains include resource development and smelting and refining, advanced materials, high-performance and multifunctional materials, and recycling technologies.

Cooperation with Startups

Pursuing synergies through collaboration, we are actively promoting cooperative arrangements with startups offering innovative technologies. In 2018, we invested in Material Concept, a company with copper paste technology. In 2019, we invested in OxMet Technologies, which is involved in alloy design for additive manufacturing and other business areas. Bringing together our core technologies with the innovative technologies of startups, we will contribute further to the advancement and innovation of society.

Collaboration with Universities

JX Metals Endowed Unit

We established the Endowed Research Unit for Non-ferrous Metals Resource Recovery Engineering (JX Metals Endowed Unit) jointly with the University of Tokyo Institute of Industrial Science. Its objectives are to conduct surveys and research on nonferrous metal recycling technologies through industry-academia collaboration, and to develop human resources for carrying out these initiatives, aiming for establishment of a resource-recycling society.

Organizational tie-up agreement with Tohoku University

To promote open innovation, we concluded an organizational collaboration and cooperation agreement with Tohoku University, under which R&D and human resource development are conducted, making use of the personnel, research results, facilities, and equipment of both parties. In the 2019 academic year, a collaborative research course concerning next-generation interconnect materials research was established. In the 2020 academic year we will donate a new research building to Tohoku University, which will be constructed on its campus.