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Silver Supply Chain Policy

Silver Supply Chain Policy

About the contact for the silver supply chain

The Responsible Silver Guidance issued by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) applies to all refiners producing LBMA good delivery silver bars requiring them to have a mechanism that enables all employees or external stakeholders to anonymously voice opinions about their concerns regarding the silver supply chain. As a silver refiner complying with the LBMA Responsible Silver Guidance, JX Nippon Mining & Metals (JXNMM) accepts inquiries about its silver supply chain from its internal and external stakeholders. Whenever JXNMM is contacted with information, it will investigate and take appropriate measures if it becomes clear that a response is necessary.

  • Details Regarding Making Contact
    • Personal information received from stakeholders will be used to reply to inquiries and questions, or to provide information. The JXNMM Group company or contractor may use the personal information JXNMM received within the scope of the purpose of use.
    • Please understand that JXNMM will not report on its investigation and response to the reported matter unless it judges this to be necessary.
    • The only purpose of any reply that JXNMM sends by e-mail is to answer specific questions asked by stakeholders who have made inquiries. Unless you have received permission from JXNMM, do not divert part or all of JXNMM's reply, or put its reply to a secondary use, or disclose its reply to a third party.
    • Please understand that JXNMM will not be able to make any reply at all if it judges that an inquiry has been made with the intention of committing a perjury, slander, or other fraudulent action.

Upon agreeing to the foregoing, please submit your inquiry to the following address.