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Reforestation Activities

Reforestation Activities

The Group has been carrying out reforestation activities across Japan, especially at the sites of closed mines.

Niki Town, Hokkaido(former Oe Mine) Sapporo City, Hokkaido(former Toyoha Mine) Hakodate City, Hokkaido(former Kameda Mine) Nanyo City, Yamagata(near former Yoshino Mine) Koriyama City, Fukushima(former Takatama Mine) Hitachi City, Ibaraki (Near Hitachi Works)

Niki Town, Hokkaido(Closed Oe Mine Site)

Maintenance of this site has been ongoing since fiscal 2008, working with the local Yotei Forestry Cooperative. In fiscal 2017, based on a five-year plan that began in fiscal 2013, maintenance was performed to ensure sufficient forest road width (for a distance of approximately 8 kilometers), and underbrush was cleared in places that have been reforested (approximately 17 hectares).

Sapporo City, Hokkaido(Closed Toyoha Mine Site)

Responding to requests from local community associations, the tailings dam site at the closed Toyoha Mine has been transformed into a scenic forest. Japanese white birch growing naturally on this site are being thinned and trees are being planted in the resulting spaces. To preserve and maintain the scenic appearance, in fiscal 2017 weeding was carried out across an area covering 1,400 square meters.

Hakodate City, Hokkaido(Closed Kameda Mine Site)

Reforestation of this site has continued since fiscal 2007, working with the local Hakodate Wide Area Forestry Cooperative to plant approximately 31,300 saplings in an area spanning some 15 hectares. Ongoing maintenance and restoration work in fiscal 2017 included clearing of underbrush around the planted saplings (approximately 6 hectares) and field mice extermination (approximately 15 hectares).

Nanyo City, Yamagata(Closed Yoshino Mine Site Vicinity)

Since fiscal 2009, we have been cooperating with the city of Nanyo on a project to improve the scenic beauty of a section of the Ringo district. This Ryuju Satoyama Reforestation Project is also seen as a measure for revitalizing the local region. In fiscal 2017, underbrush was cleared in a previously reforested area of around 2.7 hectares, along with conducting surveys of sapling growth, as efforts focused on ensuring the health and vitality of the forest. Walking paths were also improved, steps were installed, and other measures were taken to make the forest more walkable.

Koriyama City, Fukushima(Closed Takatama Mine Site)

Reforestation of this site and maintenance of previously improved areas have continued since fiscal 2005, working with the local Koriyama City Forestry Cooperative. In fiscal 2017, 2,400 saplings were planted in an area of about 1.2 hectares where the ground had been prepared in the previous fiscal year for tree planting. In addition, ongoing forest restoration work was carried out, such as further ground preparation, underbrush clearing in a previously reforested area of approximately 5 hectares, and the opening of a utility road.

Hitachi City, Ibaraki (Near Hitachi Works)

The city of Hitachi is the birthplace of the Group. Mount Kurakake near our Hitachi Works has a forested area of around 500 Oshima cherry and wild cherry trees that were previously planted by Hitachi Mines. In 2008, the Mt. Kurakake Cherry Centennial Committee of Hitachi  launched a series of activities aimed at protecting each and every one of these trees and creating a space for the rest and relaxation of Hitachi's citizens as well as the environmental education of their children in the years to come. Each year, our company recruits volunteers from the Hitachi Works and head office district and has them participate in these activities.