JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

Value Creation Model & Materialities

The JX Nippon Mining & Metals Group works to identify and recognize the social issues calling for resolution by JX, and seeks to promote a value creation model in growing sustainably and resolving social issues.

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JX Nippon Mining & Metals Group Materialities

In light of changes in the business environment and social trends, the group reviewed the important CSR matters (materialities) that we first identified in fiscal 2018.
For each new material, the group plans to set and operate according to key performance indicators (KPIs), while the CSR Committee measures and evaluates progress.

Materiality Initiatives Related SDGs
E Contribute to Environmental Conservation
  • Contribute to global environmental conservation by creating a carbon-free and recycling-oriented society.
12 13
S Provide Advanced Materials That Support Lives and Lifestyles
  • Advance development of new technologies and contribute to an IoT / AI society.
7 8 9
Create Attractive Workplaces
  • Create a healthy, safe, and peaceful working environment for all employees.
  • Create an environment in which diverse employees feel fulfilled and fully express their talents.
3 8 10
Respect Human Rights
  • Conduct business activities that respect the human rights of all throughout the supply chain, including local community residents, customers, employees, and business partners.
5 10
Promote Community Involvement and Development
  • Foster relationships of trust with local communities through community-based social contribution activities and communications in every business location in Japan and abroad.
11 15
G Strengthen Governance
  • Ensure sound, transparent business management via thorough compliance and risk management activities.

Materialities Review Process

In the past, we defined materialities based on international guidelines (GRI Standards, etc.) and domestic and overseas initiatives (SDGs, Corporate Behavior Charter, etc.). We believe these issues are still applicable to the current social situation. However, to achieve better support and pursue materialities both inside and outside the group, we believed a higher level of effort was required. Therefore, we decided to revise the definitions of our materialities and establish KPIs.