News Release


Jun. 27, 2019

JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

Relocation of Corporate Headquarters

— Creating an office space as an embodiment of the long-term vision for the company —

JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation (President: Seiichi Murayama; “the Company”) has decided to relocate its corporate headquarters to the Okura Prestige Tower, which is currently under construction in Toranomon 2-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo. The aims of the relocation, which will take place around June 2020, are to reform the corporate culture, create opportunities for value creation through increased communication within and outside the company, and to prepare for future personnel increases, to realize the JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation Group Long-Term Vision 2040 (*1), which it has just established.


In our Long-Term Vision, we have declared our future goal to become a “global company that fosters the development of society’s innovation with advanced materials.” We aim to shift toward technology-based business management premised on the proposal and supply of value-added products and services backed by advanced technological capabilities.


Important pillars for this are to build a flexible organizational structure that will enable prompt decision-making and the proactive engagement of professionals and to secure human resources who could create new value and will be responsible for building that structure. From these perspectives, in the upcoming relocation, we will create a new office space that incorporates the following measures.


(1)  Revitalization of communication

Through the introduction of ABW(*2) and the creation of spaces that emphasize communication, we will revitalize free and open communication that eliminates organizational boundaries. Through this, we will aim to create opportunities for value creation and the improvement of productivity.


(2)  Establishment of spaces for co-creation with external parties

With the aims of promoting open innovation and expanding collaborations with external resources, we will establish a combined laboratory and showroom inside our offices. We plan for this space to be used as a base for collaboration with industry, government, and academic institutions, including start-ups, and as a showroom for customers. Also, by using IoT to link Group manufacturing and R&D sites with the corporate headquarters offices in real time, we hope to raise the standard of and speed up our R&D activities.


(3)  Promotion of operational efficiency improvement

By bringing Tokyo-based Group companies together at the one location in corporate headquarters, we hope to achieve a greater sense of unity in the Group and to develop a speedier management structure. We will also strive to improve operational efficiency through the introduction of the latest ICT and the proactive pursuit of paperless operations.


The Company will take the opportunity of the headquarters’ relocation to make further inroads into the reform of corporate culture and improvement of operational efficiency. We will also accelerate our shift toward technology-based management based on co-creative communication, with the aim of realizing our Long-Term Vision.



*1  Please refer to the press release dated June 27, 2019, “Establishment of JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation Long-Term Vision 2040.”

*2  Activity Based Working. An autonomous working style in which individual employees use mobile tools and choose where, when, and how they will work according to the nature of the work.



Reference: Overview of new corporate headquarters



Building name

The Okura Prestige Tower


10-4 Toranomon 2-chome, Minato-ku

Occupied floors

Floors 11-14. (The building will have 41 floors in total, with the hotel, The Okura Tokyo, to occupy the top floors.)

Floor area

9,105.4 square meters

Relocation timing

End of June, 2020 (scheduled)


Reference: Conceptual image of Okura Prestige Tower exterior (under construction)