Titanium Copper Alloy C1990

C1990 Copper alloy wirth high mechanical strenghth and stress relazation resitance



Titanium copper alloy C1990 has high mechanical properties and good formability, thus, offers the same level of performance as mill-hardend beryllium copper alloys do. This alloy is suitable to be used for switches, connectors, relays and other electronic components.

Table 1. Chemical Composition of C1990 (%)

  Ti Cu + Ti
Typical 2.90~3.50 ≧ 99.5

Table 2.Physical Properties of C1990

Electric conductivity 10-13 %IACS(@20℃)
Specific resistance 132-172 nΩ ・ m(@20℃)
Thermal conductivity 54 W/mK
Thermal expansion coefficient 18.6 ×10-6/K(20 to 300℃)
Young's modulus 127 GPa
Density 8.70 g/cm3

Table 3. Mechanical Properties of C1990 (Specifications)

Temper Tensile Strength
0.2% offset Yield Strength
Vickers Hardness
1/4H 735-930 10min 250min
EH 885-1080 800-900 5min 280min