Titanium Copper Alloy C1990HP

C1990HP Titanium Copper Designed for Springs with High Mechanical StrengthFor more details of C1990HP foil products



Mechanical properties and bending formability of titanium copper alloy C1990HP is highly enhanced, while its chemical composition is maintained the same as conventional C1990's. This alloy is suitable to be used for switches, connectors, relays and other electronic components, and can be used as a subsititution of beryllium copper alloys.

"HP" stands for the high-performance series. Alloys of the high-performance series offer superior mechanical properties and bending formability to conventional alloys', while keeping the same chemical compositions as conventional ones'.

Table 1.Chemical Composition of C1990HP (%)

  Ti Cu + Ti
Typical 2.90~3.50 ≧ 99.5

Table 2.Physical Properties of C1990HP

Electric conductivity 10-13 %IACS(@20℃)
Specific resistance 132-172 nΩ ・ m(@20℃)
Thermal conductivity 54 W/mK
Thermal expansion coefficient 18.6 ×10-6/K(20 to 300℃)
Young's modulus 127 GPa
Density 8.70 g/cm3

Table 3.Mechanical Properties of C1990HP

Temper Tensile Strength
0.2% offset Yield Strength
Vickers Hardness
C1990HP-EH 885-1080 780-930 10min 300
C1990HP-SH 910-1110 810-960 8min 320
C1990HP-ESH 1000-1180 950-1100 340
C1990HP-XSH 1050-1300 1000-1200