Treated Rolled Copper Foil

Treated Rolled Copper Foil

As the world's top supplier, we are contributing to the advancement of the flexible printed board industry.

We are the only one supplier with an integrated manufacturing system, covering mining copper concentrate, smelting and refining copper, producing copper ingots, rolling ingots into foil, and surface treating of foils, within the same Group. We have outstanding production and quality management systems supporting global top market shares. At the same time, utilizing our integrated manufacturing system, we are developing and supplying the broadest range of treated rolled copper foil products to satisfy customers' needs. As the best approach to higher quality in flexible printed circuit boards, we confidently recommend our Treated Rolled Copper Foil.

High functionality products

HA and HA-V2 foils

HA and HA-V2 foils have the large crystal grain and uniform crystal orientation which dramatically improve the flexibility, vibration resistance and other properties.

  • High functionality treated rolled copper foil realizing outstanding flexibility
  • Dramatic improvement in vibration resistance
  • Low repulsive force for high pliability
  • Excellent cube orientation

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Surface Treatment

We can offer the best surface treatment for the particular application and required properties.

  • Fine surface treatment for very low surface roughness
  • Strong adhesion performance
  • Very low roughness is achieved also on the matte side
  • Outstanding high-frequency characteristics, visibility, and fine patterning

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Treated rolled copper foil lineup and typical properties

Treated rolled copper foil lineup

In addition to TPC foil, we provide customers with a wide range of high functionality treated rolled copper foils of the thicknesses they need, from 6µm to 150µm.

Foil Products

Grade Type Features Purity Thickness(µm)
150 105 70 35 18 12 9 6
HA-V2 Static Bendability
(high flexibility)
Low repulsive force
Ease of handling
Cu: At least 99.9%
Ag: 100 ppm
HA Static Bendability
(high flexibility)
Low repulsive force
Cu: At least 99.9%
Ag: 190 ppm
HS High thermal
Ease of handling
Cu: At least 99.8%
Sn: 1,200 ppm
General TPC Standard Cu: At least 99.9%  

With regard to the types of surface treatment, we propose the optimal type of processing matched to customer needs, according to specific requirements for high frequency characteristics, fine patterning and other properties as well as the type of equipment used and the base material to which the foil will be attached.

Typical properties

Treated rolled copper foil is an ideal material for FPC products, which demand flexibility along with high quality and reliability.
We have extensive experience providing high-quality treated rolled copper foil for a wide range of applications.

Physical Properties

IPC Grade Grade 8 (LTA-W)
Modulus (GPa)
(Resonance method)
RT MD 105 122 122 110
TD 120 140 140 140
After annealed
MD 105 76 76 85
TD 100 76 76 85
Electronical conductivity
100 100 100 101
0.154 0.154 0.154 0.153

Mechanical Properties

IPC Grade Grade 8(LTA-W)
RT Vickers 106 100 113 125
After annealed
58 40 48 46
Tensile Strength
RT MD 440 500 500 500
TD 420 510 510 505
at 180℃ MD 193 211 236 310
TD 157 89 110 296
After annealed
MD 210 145 145 150
TD 160 120 120 125
RT MD 1 2 2 2
TD 1 3 3 2
at 180℃ MD 2 1 1 1
TD 2 1 1 1
After annealed
MD 10 8 8 8
TD 6 4 4 5